15 Dec

The Truth About Thumb Disks

Street Reaper Vinyl Sticker

Custom thumb disks not only add beauty to your knife and give it a custom look, it is a piece of equipment that can make a huge difference in the performance and reliability of your folding knife giving you the confidence you depend on. While all production knives come with a standard thumb disk, not all knives perform well with it and comes down to the end user’s personal preference. Many folding knives benefit from a larger thumb disk in the Bravo or Bravo Plus sizes from Street Reaper to give you enough purchase to successfully deploy the blade 100% of the time.

Street Reaper currently offers three sizes of custom disks: ALPHA, BRAVO, and BRAVO+.

Street Reaper - The Truth About Thumb Disks - Thumb Disks Size Comparison

Alpha is equivalent in size to the standard thumb disk that is commonly supplied with most folders albeit with attractive custom designs that reflect your personal statement.

Bravo is a mid-size custom sized thumb disk that is a perfect balance of size and performance;

Bravo+ is the largest custom sized thumb disk we make for those who require the ultimate in purchase power to deploy their blade.

Street Reaper thumb disks are not only artful but also highly functional. We paid special attention to developing an aggressive knurling that was easy on the fingers and pockets but worked well in a gloved environment too. After extensive testing with various tactical gloves, flight gloves, and rappelling gloves we arrived at our signature Reaper knurling that performs flawlessly with a gloved hand yet is comfortable on your fingers during the warmer seasons.

Street Reaper thumb disks deliver artistry, function and dependability. The goal was to take a relatively mundane piece of gear and create something that added to the style, beauty, and personal statement of your folder. Street Reaper thumb disks are available in many styles including Shamrocks, Crusader crosses, Colonial Stars, Sniper, Gambler, and Fleur de Lis, to mention a few. Street Reaper thumb disks are also available as special limited editions in support of the Police Department, Fire Department, and EMT.

Street Reaper - The Truth About Thumb Disks Shamrocks Street Reaper - The Truth About Thumb Disks OBS + Crusader Street Reaper - The Truth About Thumb Disks Crusader Street Reaper - The Truth About Thumb Disks

Street Reaper thumb disks are quite simply the finest thumb disks available today in Imperial Bronze and Sterling Silver. We are dedicated to delivering a flawless fit, dependable function, and unmatched artistry for your EDC folders. Give one a try and see for yourself. We welcome the opportunity to create custom thumb disks for all makers and owners alike. Visit www.StreetReaper.com